UNIVERSAL PROPERTIES BRASIL LTDA (UP-Ltda) is a dynamic company operating in the heart of North-Eastern Brazil.  We work with the finest Legal, Financial, and Technical Agents in the region to facilitate your business needs for investing in Brazil.
MARTIN BRINK, a citizen of the Netherlands and CEO of UP-Ltda, moved from the Caribbean to Brazil in 2004 to seek opportunities in the Brazilian Tourism Industry due to the limitless potential this great country has to offer.
EDDY LOOMANS, a citizen of Belgium and Project Manager for UP-Ltda, moved from the Caribbean to Brazil to explore several career opportunities abroad and put his Tourism Industry knowledge to work in a creative way in an excitingly new and emerging market.
Together, Martin, Eddy, and their team can help foreign investors meet their investment requirements and prepare the way for a smooth transition into the Brazilian market.
“From our own experience in entering the Brazilian market we have learned not to try and do everything on your own.  It is essential to have the right strategic partners working alongside in order to avoid possible pitfalls.  As with every entry into a new market there are a variety of problems to overcome relating to language, local culture and customs, knowing the right people, and regional methodology.  Universal Properties Brasil Ltda. has the right attitude and a capable team to ensure the successful execution of your corporate needs.”
Martin Brink, CEO - UP Ltda
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Universal Properties Brasil Ltda
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Cel: 55 (73) 9191 9345 Martin Brink  -  Cel: 55 (73) 9191 9350 Eddy Loomans