•    Buying & selling of valuable Real Estate
•    Sourcing of Real Estate
•    Background Check of Real Estate Documentation
•    Consulting Services on Purchasing Real Estate
•    Real Estate Administration & Management Services
•    Topography, Satellite Imaging, Mapping Services
•    Trust Services
•    Setting up Brazil based Companies for foreign ownership
•    Corporate Administrative Services
•    Project Management
•    Customized Business Consulting
•    Legal Consulting using reliable Brazilian Lawyers
•    Accounting Services by certified Registered Accountants
•    Sourcing Commercial Partnerships
•   Translations to/from Portuguese using official translators
•   Currency Exchange Services
•   Travel Related Consulting
•   Intermediary for Central Bank for Importation of Capital
•   Evaluation of Off-shore Potential
Solutions Department
We can help you find a solution for all your business needs and problems. Brazilian bureaucracy and cultural differences can be difficult to overcome if one is not familiar with all of the relevant business proceedings. We work with the finest local experts and can oversee all of your needs during the acquiring, planning, construction, and pre-opening phase of your project.  We certainly do not pretend to know everything about everything and so we work closely together with our expert partners in Universal Properties' Network Organization.  We work with the best lawyers, accountants, topographers & satellite imaging services, constructors, environmental advisors, travel agents, and other specialized consultants to be able to provide a full-service and one-stop package.
There are many investment opportunities in Brazil, but the Bureaucracy of setting up business should not be underestimated and should be approached with a firm can-do attitude. Language, cultural differences, local expertise, knowing who to work with and who not, are all crucial factors in this market.  Our Solutions Department is here to help you overcome any such issues and help you resolve any challenges you may encounter along the way.
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