8 Reasons to Invest in Brazil Property
Universal Properties Real Estate works with the finest Legal, Financial, and Technical Agents in the region to facilitate your business needs for investing in Brazil.  We are specialists in Bahia Real Estate Developments, and focus on commercial land and city plots for the development of tourism related projects. Brazil is fast becoming one of the most desirable places to purchase Real Estate for personal use and pleasure or for investment purposes. We also work extensively in the states of Rio Grande do Norte (Natal) and Maranhão (São Luís) in the North-East of Brazil.       CONTACT US
8 important reasons to invest in Brazil:
    1.    Climate and Natural Beauty
    2.    Pleasant culture and the enjoyment of life, locally known as “Alegria
    3.    Solid and Secure Ownership with 100% free hold ownership for foreigners
    4.    Buyers Market: Lots of land for sale with competitive pricing
    5.    Steady Economy and low inflation
    6.    Brazilian Housing Deficit
    7.    Interest Rates are falling and Real Estate financing is on the increase
    8.    Many of Brazil’s Government Funds have Compulsory Housing Investment clauses.    
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